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I’ve finally got some info on the publication of THE BOOK OF FATHERS in China. The book came out this spring to great reviews, which I’ve collected in the attached document. Luckily our intern speaks Chinese and was able to translate a line or two from each—I think you’ll be pleased! Sales numbers won’t be available until early next year but we will keep you updated on any other news in the meantime.

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1. 6/8/14 晶报 Jing Bao


Regional newspaper


“This novel threads together the lives of twelve generations of first-born sons to relay the chronicle of a family across three hundred years. Meticulously labored after immense historical research, it is a gift to every Hungarian father.”

2. 6/23/14 
中国作家网 China Writer


Chinese literary news, reviews, blogs, forums, original works


“Published in April 2014, THE BOOK OF FATHERS is a novel written by Hungarian writer Miklos Vamos and translated by Xu Jian as part of the (Eastern Europe) Blue Series. In the novel, old Csillag arrives at the village of Kos in Hungary with his only daughter Susanna and grandson Kornel after a long journey from Bavaria. Having survived the war, Kornel begins the tradition of recording his family history in writing as a first-born son. THE BOOK OF FATHERS chronicles the rise and fall of one family and the epic cycles of history.”

3. 6/1/14 
新华日报 Xinhua Daily


National newspaper


“The novel is considered to be Miklos Vamos’s most successful work to date. It has been translated into 13 languages and lauded as the Hungarian ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE.”

4. 6/2/14 
新快报 Xinkuai Bao


Regional newspaper


“This is the book of life of twelve generations of first-born sons in a Hungarian family and an epic of Hungarian history that spans across three hundred years and depicts the ever-suffering and ever- resilient Hungarian people. Written according to tremendous historical research, the novel covers an expansive terrain, from love, marriage, war, to music, astrology, and trade. THE BOOK OF FATHERS has been considered to be Miklos Vamos’s most successful novel and Hungary’s ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE.”

5. 7/1/14 
清远日报Qingyuan Daily


Regional newspaper


“An ordinary Eastern European family can be emblematic of the entire region. The novel is filled with stories, but avoids sentimental depictions of cruel realities. Miklos Vamos’s historical novel follows after the style of the Yugoslavian Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric—sprawling in time and scale, rendering the spirit of an epic through conscious repetitions, cycles, and the lost-and-found of memories. THE BOOK OF FATHERS is proof again of Balzac’s assertion that ‘novels are the private histories of nations.’”

6. 7/6/14 
南方都市报 Southern Metropolis Daily


Regional newspaper

This is a reprint of the review in #5.

7. 7/6/14 
中国作家网 China Writer


Same site as #2


“‘At 300,000 words, with a meticulous structure and themes of the blood-bound cycles of life, THE BOOK OF FATHERS (trans. Xu Jian, Flower City Publishing House) reveals a moving landscape of Eastern Europe that spans across three hundred years. However, it would be missing the point to reduce it to a ‘historical novel’, ‘social novel’, or ‘family saga’.”


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